HASSRA National Associate Membership Scheme Rules


  • HASSRA has introduced a National Associate Membership scheme to enable former members to maintain their ties with the Association when ordinary membership is no longer available to them. The scheme is aimed at people who have had to leave DH, DWP or any of the other qualifying employers as a result of changes in the organisation of government services or who have left the civil service altogether as a result of compulsory or voluntary exit schemes.

    Associate Members are full members and qualify for the same access to HASSRA’s programme as ordinary members.

    Please note that former members who have left the civil service on retirement and are in receipt of a civil service pension will continue to be eligible for ordinary membership as retired members.


  • Membership of the HASSRA National Associate Membership (NAMs) scheme is available to anyone who:

    • works for a qualifying employer (see note 1 below) which does not deduct subscriptions directly from salary (eg. Group 4 staff on DWP premises, agency staff in DH); or

    • has ceased to be eligible for ordinary HASSRA membership because they are no longer employed by a qualifying employer (see note 1 below); and

    • is not currently eligible to join HASSRA as a retired member.

    The HASSRA National Associate Membership scheme is not available to members of existing HASSRA regional or club associate membership schemes unless the above eligibility conditions are satisfied.

Regional Membership

  • National Associate Members (NAMs) will be affiliated to a HASSRA regional association of their choice. Failure to nominate a region will result in a default affiliation based on the member’s address provided at the time of application.


  • NAMs will pay the prevailing rate of standard subscriptions, 12 months in advance by credit/debit card.

    Membership may be terminated by giving one month's notice. The balance of any subscriptions following the period of notice will be refunded by bank transfer.

Rights and Responsibilities

  • NAMs will enjoy the same access to HASSRA’s programme of activities and membership benefits as ordinary members, subject to the exceptions described in note 2 overleaf.

    NAMs will also have the same voting rights in Association elections as ordinary members, and are subject to the same rules and code of conduct (see note 3 below).


  • Existing NAMs will receive a renewal notice three weeks prior to the expiry of their membership, at which point their eligibility will be reviewed, where necessary.

    Renewal payments will be determined by the prevailing standard subscription rate.


  • Note 1: qualifying employers include the Department of Health, Department for Work and Pensions, the Food Standards Agency or any of these organisations' executive agencies, arm's length bodies or qualifying contractors.

    Note 2: members of the HASSRA NAMs scheme may not hold office as a regional chairperson or vice regional chairperson or local club secretary or local club treasurer. This is because these offices can only function where there is an employment relationship between the office holder and the qualifying employer. (See note 1 for details of qualifying employers)

    Note 3: details of the HASSRA Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy can be found on the HASSRA website at

  • May 2016