Everything Ginger! Quiz

  1. Is ginger a fruit, vegetable, spice or herb?

  2. Ginger-haired American Human Rights activist with the short surname :

  3. Ginger-haired British Prime Minister who died in 1965 :

  4. What is a Whiskey Mac? :

  5. The Cream of drummers :

  6. Ginger-haired Dutch painter :

  7. Who was the ginger-haired family in the Harry Potter films?

  8. Virginia Mcmath Danced To Stardom – better known as?

  9. Mad Dunkers!

  10. A.K.A. Geri

  11. Carrot-Top Dj

  12. Hot Blooded Feline

  13. Spicy Mixer?

  14. Radical Faction

  15. Ring The Bell And Run Away!

  16. Gingerbread man in the film Shrek?

  17. His Homeland wasn't his home land

  18. Sometimes called Scotland's Robin Hood?

  19. Was she Mad for the Men?

  20. Late Northern politician said to like a wee dram



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