AGM - Planning and Delivery

Due to the complexity of organising an AGM it is advised that a sub-committee is formed so the following duties can be shared.

Final Quarter of Previous Year

  • the date and venue for the AGM should be agreed by the BOM/COM
  • the venue, catering and any requirements should be organised
  • all regional BOM/COM members should be advised
  • agree regional awards to be presented – this may be at AGM or at a separate event
  • write to clubs giving them instructions about how they can submit nominations for awards. Deadline for submissions should be agreed by BOM/COM.
  • agree who will judge regional awards

Three Months Prior to AGM

  • local club representatives and event organisers should be formally invited.. Local clubs are expected to send at least ONE representative and all other regional volunteers are expected to attend.
  • issue a communication to all members with the details of AGM. Details should also be posted on the website and social media.
  • confirm if there are any vacancies on regional committee and ask current BOM/COM members if they wish to stand for re-election

Two Months Prior to AGM

Two months before the AGM e-mail local club chairs and retired members and:

  • ask for names of attendees to be forwarded if not already received including any award winners
  • request any motions or agenda items are forwarded for consideration
  • invite nominations for any vacancies on the regional BOM/COM

Chairperson should also write to senior business managers to make them aware of the arrangements for the AGM, its importance and the need for one member of clubs to attend.

An agenda should be prepared and agreed with the regional chair

Three Weeks Prior to AGM

Three weeks before the meeting issue the following to all attending, copied to local club chairs:

  • Annual Report [Draft]
  • Regional Accounts
  • Agenda
  • minutes of previous meeting
  • Action Point Log [if held]
  • pen pictures of those standing for election to committee
  • any motions for consideration by the AGM

Two Weeks Prior to AGM

  • if appropriate, discuss and confirm additional requirements e.g. equipment with invited speaker(s)
  • prepare brief for Chairperson (if appropriate). They may wish to prepare their own
  • if required, provide the venue with a list of attendees
  • confirm catering arrangements and room set-up
  • where major awards are to be presented at the AGM ensure that trophies will be available on the day
  • organise tellers to conduct the count for votes for any BOM/COM vacancies (at least two tellers should be selected)

Day of AGM

On the day of the AGM ensure that the names of all attendees are noted and have the following items available:

  • pens & paper
  • flip charts & stands
  • name badges for all expected attendees or ask them to wear their own
  • ballot papers for election of regional committee
  • a small number of additional copies of papers issued prior to the meeting

10 days after AGM

Within ten days of the AGM you should issue draft minutes to the Regional Chairperson for consideration and amendment if necessary.

One month after AGM

Issue the final version of the minutes with an updated action point log, if held, to all attendees, copied to the regional committee and local club chairs.


Appendix 19 - AGM invite

Appendix 20 - AGM Committee invite and prospectus

Appendix 24 – AGM Retired members invite

Appendix 26 - AGM agenda

Appendix 27 - Chairs brief

Appendix 28 - Signing in sheet

Appendix 23 – Regional Committee elections and motions. Letter to clubs

Appendix 29 - Voting Slip