Answers to 'Heroes' Quiz

  1. Who sang the song ‘Holding out for a hero’?

    1. A – Bonny Langford

      B – Bonny Tyler

      C – Anne Bonny

    2. What’s the name of the hero in the series of books by author Lee Child?

      A – Jack Nicholson

      B – Jack Sparrow

      C – Jack Reacher

    3. Tina Turner sang in a 1985 film that ‘We don’t need another hero’. Who was the hero they didn’t need?

      A – Norman Bates

      B – Dr Stranglove

      C – Mad Max

    4. Which set of these chocolates come in a ‘Heroes’ tin?

      A – Strawberry delights / The Purple one / Green triangles

      B – Twirl / Wispa / Creme egg

      C – Hazelnut Swirl / Vanila nougat / Classic milk

    5. What fictional hero wore Lincoln Green?

      A – Robin Hood

      B – The Green Lantern

      C – Kermit the frog

    6. Which 1960’s band sang about ‘Heroes and Villains’?

      A – The Beach Boys

      B – One Direction

      C - BTS

    7. What English hero sailed in the ‘Victory’?

      A – Sit Francis Chichester

      B – Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson

      C – Christopher Columbus

    8. Who sang ‘We can be Heroes’

      A – David Soul

      B – David Tennant

      C – David Bowie

    9. Which DC Super hero wore a red cape?

      A – Batman

      B – Superman

      C – Aquaman

    10. What was the name of the hero dog who went into space?

      A – Leila

      B – Lila

      C – Laika