Club Closure

If a club decides to close either by decision of the committee, office closure of by request from management or HASSRA, appropriate action should be taken to ensure all relevant processes are followed:

  • notice of proposal to close the club must be given in writing to all members and the Region within 4 weeks of the proposed date of closure.
  • All members must be given the opportunity to vote on how any outstanding monies will be spent, written records of any such votes should be taken and sent with the audited accounts and statement of closure
  • The treasurer will need to ensure that account records are up to date, and arrange for a final audit to be undertaken.
  • A copy of the final audit, together with minutes from final meeting ( highlighting what will happen with outstanding funds) should be sent to the Regional Finance Manger within 28 days of the club closure date
  • Any remaining monies will be returned to the Regional account.