You will need to obtain estimated costs for your event, beginning with sourcing a venue. You should also consider likely costs for catering, travel and any additional requirements e.g. equipment or additional prizes.

For the majority of events, HASSRA do not charge an entry fee – regional exceptions may be Golf, Angling and Curling due to the costs involved. Travel expenses can be claimed, by individuals or clubs, following the event. Please also be mindful that the proposed venue should be accessible to as many members as possible and should be close to good public transport links.

Normally prizes will be awarded to winners and runners-up and the majority of regions hold vouchers for this purpose which you can request from your Regional Committee. However, if you require something other than vouchers, e.g. trophies or medals, you should include this information when estimating your costs. There may also be a perpetual trophy. Your Regional Committee can confirm regional policy on prizes and mementos.     

As soon as a suitable venue is identified complete an Event Estimate, providing details of the event, proposed date, venue and outline costs and submit to the Regional Finance Sub-Committee. If you are a Single Activity Club organiser you should, in consultation with your fellow committee members, submit your Yearly Grant application, example below.

Appendix 40 Yearly Grant Application

The Regional Finance Sub-Committee will arrange for the estimate to be authorised. Once confirmation that the event can go ahead is received, set up a Regional Event Checklist [see previous page], Risk Assessment Template and Health & Safety Overview and confirm the booking, including catering requirements, with the venue. Contact officials to ensure that they are available and consider if external first aid providers are required.

Appendix 5 Risk Assessment Template

Appendix 41 Regional Event Health & Safety Overview