Cycling Challenge 2020

A total of 145 HASSRA members joined the 2020 HASSRA Cycling Challenge, and on average each week of the challenge together cycled:

  • around 6,000 kilometres, equivalent to riding to Moscow and back.
  • climbed a staggering 55 kilometres, equivalent to riding up Mount Everest six-and-a-half times.​

And on an individual basis, hats off to:

  • Mark Johnson who on Sunday 9th August cycled 177.20 kilometres, with a total climb of 3,271 metres (very nearly Ben Nevis and Snowden together!).
  • Andy Millett who on Saturday 29th August cycled 215.84 kilometres, with a total climb of 246 metres.
  • Osian Hughes who rode 1,000 miles over two months and raised £1,128 for Cancer Research – absolutely brilliant!

But it’s not just about our top riders: everyone who took part, whatever the level of their personal challenge, contributed and made a difference. Your stories and pictures have been fun and informative, and your messages of support and “Kudos” have been inspiring. So we thank you all.

But what next? Well, we think the team spirit and camaraderie amongst our riders deserves to be built on. So, if you are interested and with your support, we want to establish a permanent HASSRA National Cycling Club, with:

  • a dedicated section on HASSRA Live for news, stories, pics and challenges (including charity rides).
  • some funding from National HASSRA to pay for activities and prizes.
  • an annual fun ride at one of the HASSRA Festivals (when the lockdown eventually lifts!).
  • and Strava as the primary channel for recording your rides. 

Contact for more details.