Venue and Timings

The event and its technical rehearsals will run from 13:00 - 19:00 on Friday 3rd July, continuing all day on Saturday 4th July. It will take place in Warwick Arts Centre on the University campus, a short walk from the HASSRA reception. Rehearsal and performance times will be allocated and notified in due course.

Event Format and Rules

This is a National Championship event.

Each region will be invited to enter one team with a maximum of nine people to include all performers, director, producer, stage-manager, prompt and backstage helpers.

Technical rehearsals will take place during the afternoon of Friday 3rd July and the morning of Saturday 4th July. Regions will be allocated a maximum of 30 minutes on stage for pre-performance access and/or rehearsal to arrange setting, lighting and to test the acoustics.

The entry must be a one-act play. The running time must be a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 45 minutes, including any change of scenery. Each production is allowed an additional ten minutes to set, and five minutes to strike, the scene. These limits must not be exceeded.

The Awards categories are:

Best Production

Best Production Runner-Up

Best Performance by an Individual

Best Costume

Best Set Design

An independent adjudicator will be involved from the outset, from reading the scripts before the event to eventually deciding the winners.

Further competition and adjudicator’­s rules will be made available prior to the event.

Props and Equipment

The Arts Centre will provide some basic props and technical support such as furniture, a basic neutral setting, basic lighting and sound equipment.

Lunch will be provided and further refreshments will be available to purchase.

Although some prior experience is recommended in order to take part in this event, it is not essential.

Further Information

For further information about parti­cipa­tion in this event, or the regional qualifier, please contact your Regional Event Manager.