Fantasy Football

HASSRA South East League

Prizes for 20/21 season will be: First - £150   Second - £75   Third - £50  Fourth - £25  Last - £25

The 20/21 premier league season begins 12th September so hurry up and get your Dream Teams sorted out now!

How to set up your team and get on the the South East HASSRA League

Follow the following link to the Sun Dream Team page:


Hit on ‘play Fantasy Football’

Hit on the red rectangle on the left marked ‘Season £100k prize pot free to play’. You will then be asked to either register as a new player (Name, email address, favourite team and to make up a password is all they ask) or, if you’ve played before, it will ask you to sign in.

You will be asked for a Team Name - they will not allow anything that might be considered rude or abusive. You’ll also find an outline of a football team to complete and a list of the available players for the 20/21 season. It will show their positions, home teams and price. You have 50K to spend. If you don’t wish to choose your own team you have the option of pushing the random button and letting the team be chosen for you.

Finally, hit the ‘Confirm’ button and you will then be asked to enter a PIN if you wish to join an existing league. The PIN for the South East HASSRA League has been sent out to all SE members by email. If you have not yet received it check your ‘junk’ folder or email me, Maggie, on Carolinecrescent@hotmail.co.uk.

You can enter only ONE team in the South East HASSRA League, any subsequent entries will be disallowed. You must be a member of HASSRA South EAST and you will be asked for your membership number if you are successful.  You can put as many teams as you like in the Sun’s own competition and other leagues that allow it.

And Good Luck!

If you want to see the other teams in the South East HASSRA League press ‘Leagues’ and select ‘South East HASSRA’. You’ll find the 20/21 season by selecting ‘overall’.

Further guidelines and rules here:



The final results of the 19/20 season for the HASSRA South East League

1st and £150 to David Sisley-Collett with ‘Sisco Inferno’ with 2240 points

2nd and £75 to Clint Williams with 'Focka­do­od­ledoo’ with 2213 points

3rd and £50 to Graham Moss with ‘­SafcStarsky’ with 2141 points

4th and £25 to Adrian Davies and  ‘Acejam’ with 2122 points.

And the ‘Wooden spoon’ prize of £25 for last place goes to Tracy Champion with her team ‘Isle Dream’ with 1330 points.