Festival Planning

The National HASSRA Team organises two HASSRA Festivals every year. They organise all the events and accommodation apart from teams which Regions are required to organise.

Regions are required to select a Team Manager/Deputy, supported by a committee, if so required, to take on the responsibility of co-ordinating Regional events and reporting to the National Team.

Key Duties of the Team Manager

  • Together with the regional BOM decide the festivals qualification programme ensuring events are held before deadline dates for completion of the Festival Regional Attendance spreadsheet.
  • Deadlines: 19th May 2020 for July Festival and 10th July 2020 for the September Festival.
  • Liaise with individual event organisers to arrange advertising/­promotion of qualification events.
  • Advertise for competitors for any activities where a qualifier will not be held and also for open competitions.
  • Complete the commitment record for both the July and September Festivals.
  • Deadline 27th March 2020.
  • Submit names for open competitions.
  • Deadline 27th March 2020.
  • Obtain quotes and book transport, if required.
  • Order and distribute regional kit.
  • Complete Regional Festival Attendance spreadsheet detailing all regional competitors. A return should be completed at the end of every month and sent to Ann Cook
  • Final deadlines: 19th May 2020 for July Festival and 10th July 2020 for the September Festival.
  • The National Team will then send each participant a link to the Festival registration survey. Each participant must complete this by the required deadline. This will enable the activities and competitions, accommodation and meals to be organised. If participants do not complete the survey they will not be able to attend the Festival.
  • The National Team will remind participants that they must complete the Festival Registration Survey right up to the deadline. This year to allow competitors to register for the festivals as soon as they have qualified we will be opening our surveys as soon as possible.
  • Deadlines: 10th June 2020 for July Festival and 19th August 2020 for the September Festival.
  • Appendices

Appendix 59a (July) and 59b (September) - Regional Attendance Spreadsheet

Appendix 60 - Commitment record