Financial Respon­sibi­lities

The Regional Finance Manager (RFM) keeps regional accounts showing incomings and outgoings and provides the region with a comprehensive report every quarter. Regions are responsible for deciding what to spend their money on.

Regions should develop their own finance policy. This policy will help the region manage finances and respond to requests for financial assistance. This regional finance policy should state the level of regional reserves that should be carried. These reserves should be sufficient to meet contractual commitments and day-to-day cash flow. The level of reserves for each region will vary depending on what contractual liabilities they have and how much cash-flow they need. So there is no set value which fits all regions.

It is recommended that all regional BOMs have their own Finance Sub Group (FSG). Respon­sibi­lities of the group should be set by the regional BOM/COM but at the very least they should check the quarterly RFM report against agreed expenditure and report any variations to the regional BOM. If the region does not have a FSG then the regional BOM/COM must perform this duty.

With support from the Regional Finance Manager (RFM) the FSG/BOM/COM will ensure that regional accounts are audited in line with the financial year and made available to all members prior to the AGM, where the accounts will be presented and approved.

The FSG/BOM/COM will profile for the following financial year and will be responsible for ensuring that regional finances are managed correctly. The RFM will provide quarterly updates to assist with monitoring expenditure.

One of the main respon­sibi­lities of the region is to ensure that all local clubs are operating in line with the staff clubs guidance. (internal DWP use only) https://­intranet.­dwp.­gov.­uk/­page/­staff-clubs-guide-hassra-and-affiliated-clubs  It is important that all clubs provide audited end of year accounts within the specified time frames. The FSG/BOM/COM will recommend any action required where clubs have not been able to provide annual audited accounts.

The regional BOM/COM is also responsible for the following actions however these respon­sibi­lities may be devolved to one of the sub-committees

  • ensuring all invoices are authorised and paid on time and all the relevant paperwork is completed
  • managing any cash back/refund schemes
  • collecting and correctly recording any payments for trips/­tickets/­events
  • planning and managing any ‘fun and free competitions’
  • purchasing, storing and distributing any gift vouchers

Invoice Arrangements

Regions are responsible for arranging payment for all invoices that relate to regional activity e.g. facilities hire, trips and promotional items. Where possible suppliers should be asked to provide an electronic invoice, if a paper copy is received this should be scanned or photographed. The person who orders or purchases the service cannot be the same person who approves the payment. The person who orders or purchases the service should send the invoice to the nominated approver, along with a covering email to confirm that it can be paid.

The nominated approver should complete a HASSRA 2 form and send it electronically, together with the invoice to HASSRA.RBPSUPPORT@DWP.GOV.UK. It is recommended that the nominated approver is a member of finance sub group or at least has knowledge of the regions budget profiling and agreed spend.

The HASSRA National Finance team will then process the payment. The finance team aim to settle all invoices within 30 days of date of invoice.

Notifying RFM about income paid into regional account

When money is paid into the regional account either by a member or a regional board member the RFM should be notified by e-mail.

If there are several payments these can all be notified at the same time

For London, South West, Wales, North West, East Midlands & West Midlands use the following e-mail address:

For North East, Scotland, East of England, Fylde, Y&H & South East use the following e-mail address:

Cashback Scheme Arrangements

Regions are responsible for arranging payment of regional cashback schemes. Members should apply for their refund using the relevant form, submitting this electronically with any receipts/proof of purchase. This should be sent to the regions shared email box.

Using the set criteria the nominated approver will authorise the payment and send it to:  HASSRA.RBPSUPPORT@DWP.GOV.UK.

The National Finance team aim to process the payment within 10 days of receipt.


Appendix 58 - HASSRA 2

Appendix 34 - Chairs Certificate

Appendix 37 - Respon­sibi­lities of auditor