Free Draw - 29th Sept

Free Members Draw - 29th September

EofE HASSRA is delighted to announce that members will have the chance to win one of 25 cash prizes in our Lockdown Prize Draw.  All prize draw entrants shall be bound by all of the following rules: -


1. The EofE prize draw is only open to all EofE HASSRA members.


2. All eligible EofE members will be entered into the draw for one prize.  Prize  winners must have retained their membership at the competition draw date.


3. The prizes on offer are: - A top prize of £500, 4 prizes of £250, 20 prizes of £100.


4. Prize-winners are unable to exchange the stated prize.  No other prize shall be available in the event of the prize - winner being unable to avail themselves of the notified prize.


5. With the exception of the prize composition listed at paragraph 3 above, respon­sibility for all additional costs connected with the prize and any other out of pocket expenses shall rest solely with the winner.


6. All members shall be deemed to have agreed to co-operate with reasonable requests to gather feedback on the prize(s) awarded and to feature reports on winners via whichever media HASSRA sees fit, unless they specifically state otherwise.


7. Prizes are provided for the use of members and their immediate family and friends.  Prizes must not be transferred or passed on to third parties for profit or gain.  Should a winner not be able to utilise their notified prize, the prize must be declined.  HASSRA reserves the right to award such declined prizes to other entrants as necessary/­appropriate.


9. Upon notification of their prize, all winners shall confirm by email to the competition organiser – Michelle Hodds - whether or not they wish to accept the notified prize.  Prizes will be paid through BACs.


11. Any prizes declined by winners shall be allocated to other draw entrants until all prizes are allocated and have been accepted.