HASSRA London 2021 Prize Draw!

As we come out of the restric­tions,­ HASSRA LONDON proudly presents it's ​2021 Prize Draw!

We are giving our members the chance to win a FIRST PRIZE of £2021.00!

With the following runners up prizes on offer:

  • 2 x £1000 
  • 2 x £500
  • 4 x £250
  • 10 x £100

​Entries must be in by Sunday 4th July 2021. 

To enter you need to be a current HASSRA London Member, and be signed up to HASSRA Live.

So if you have yet to activate your HASSRA Live account, there’s never been a better time!

Go to the WIN! section to enter now!

Please note that for all queries regarding account access and membership numbers please go to the chat line on www.­hassra.­org.­uk