Advent Calendar 2023

National HASSRA have made ‘improvements’ to their HASSRA Live ‘Win!’ competition program and unfortunately it means that all the winners were informed by email that they’d won something four days before before the calendar was due to be up and running!

Of course, this means that anyone who didn't receive the 'Win' email realised that they hadn't won and had no reason to follow the daily window openings of the calendar. We have decided, then, that we won’t be having the daily window opening in the same way as previous years.

The aforesaid winners don’t yet know what they have actually won so, in the spirit of the Advent calendar, we will report their names and prizes daily one at a time on this page every day from the 1st to the 24th!

Perhaps next Christmas we will be able to come up with a way round this and have another proper Advent Calendar!

The Winners:

1 December 2023

Ms Janice Wilson..........................................…


...Love2shop Voucher

2 December 2023

Mrs Umanga Gamage


Love2shop Voucher

3 December 2023

Mr Paul Judd


Love2shop Voucher