HASSRA South East June Quiz


  1. Who sang the song ‘Holding out for a hero’?

    A – Bonny Langford

    B – Bonny Tyler

    C – Anne Bonny

  2. What’s the name of the hero in the series of books by author Lee Child?

    A – Jack Nicholson

    B – Jack Sparrow

    C – Jack Reacher

  3. Tina Turner sang in a 1985 film that ‘We don’t need another hero’. Who was the hero they didn’t need?

    A – Norman Bates

    B – Dr Stranglove

    C – Mad Max

  4. Which set of these chocolates come in a ‘Heroes’ tin?

    A – Strawberry delights / The Purple one / Green triangles

    B – Twirl / Wispa / Creme egg

    C – Hazelnut Swirl / Vanila nougat / Classic milk

  5. What fictional hero wore Lincoln Green?

    A – Robin Hood

    B – The Green Lantern

    C – Kermit the frog

  6. Which 1960’s band sang about ‘Heroes and Villains’?

    A – The Beach Boys

    B – One Direction

    C - BTS

  7. What English hero sailed in the ‘Victory’?

    A – Sit Francis Chichester

    B – Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson

    C – Christopher Columbus

  8. Who sang ‘We can be Heroes’

    A – David Soul

    B – David Tennant

    C – David Bowie

  9. Which DC Super hero wore a red cape?

    A – Batman

    B – Superman

    C – Aquaman

  10. What was the name of the  hero dog who went into space?

    A – Leila

    B – Lila

    C – Laika

    Send your numbered answers, with your name, office and new HASSRA Live membership number to the HASSRA South East email box putting ‘Heroes Quiz’ in the subject box (your entry may be voided if it's not there) by June 21st 

    Terms & Conditions: Only one entry per member and the first answer you send and is received will be accepted, subsequent emails will be deleted. All entries made must come from the individuals own account, either work or personal. Entries without the full details requested will be deemed incorrect. The winner will be drawn electro­nic­ally and will be notified by email. Prizes will be paid by BACS and winners will be asked to provide their bank account details to facilitate this.