HASSRA South West Ten Pin Bowling

Event:      IA Match: East Midlands v South West v West Midlands.

Location: Chesterfield             Date:   Friday 22nd November 2019


Poor old “Reg” Rudge (WM) never knew what hit him in R1 as Jeff absolutely blew him away with a 626 series for an emphatic 5-0 win.  Matt was less fortunate, losing the 1st game by a mere 4 pins, couldn’t match Bob Seaton’s (EM) 202 in the 2nd but at least gained a point in the 3rd with a respectable 181.

The doubles were more profitable for the SW as Maggie and Mike made light work of WM 1 and Stuart and Peter dropped only the 1 point against a strong EM 2 side.  Special mention must go to Mike who finally joined the prestigious “600 Club” bowling a 215, 194, 191 – 600 series, only the 6th bowler in the SW to do so. 

Points Total after R1:            South West 15 East Midlands 14 West Midlands 1


The battle of the titans had Jeff up against Paul Freeston (EM) in R2.  Unfor­tunately Jeff couldn’t maintain his incredible form from R1 whereas Paul even improved! Jeff had to bowl a 190 in the 1st game to gain his solitary point.

Matt faired much better against Leighton Jukes (WM) as he recovered from an average start in game 1 to dominate game 2 and 3, completing a 4-1 win.

SW 1 and SW 2 had contrasting results in the doubles, SW 2 winning 5-0 and SW 1 losing 0-5.  Stuart and Peter never allowed their opponents (WM 2) to get near them in all 3 games, whereas Mike and Maggie just couldn’t get into a rhythm against a strong pairing of Phil Edey and Amo Johal (EM 1).                

Points Total after R2:            East Midlands 31 South West 25 West Midlands 4



Although EM had already attained sufficient points to retain the trophy, there was a mouth-watering trio’s match up in R3, with Paul, Bob and Phil (EM) up against Jeff, Matt and Mike.  The individual battle between Paul and Jeff was won by Paul again by a mere 2 pins, the team scalp went to the SW by 4 pins.

Final Points Total: East Midlands 37 South West 28 West Midlands 5

After a short presentation to Karen Delaney the EM captain and her triumphant team, it was on the road back home.

Since records were kept for this event (the last 20 years) only on 10 occasions has a bowler managed a 600+ series, 7 of them have been at Chester­field.  Bring on 2022! 

Ricky Foote      607      SW       2003    Plymouth

Bob Seaton      607      EM       2008    Chesterfield

Paul Tope        613      SW       2009    Worcester

Mike Jefferies 649      SW       2009    Worcester

Bob Seaton      607      EM       2016    Chesterfield

Paul Freeston  621      EM       2016    Chesterfield

Jeff Griffin       633      SW       2016    Chesterfield

Mike Terry       600      SW       2019    Chesterfield

Paul Freeston  600      EM       2019    Chesterfield

Jeff Griffin       626      SW       2019    Chesterfield