HASSRA Wales Awards for 2021

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It’s time to make your nominations for the HASSRA Wales awards for 2021.

Nominations should be submitted no later than Friday 18th February 2022

With it's on again. off again restrictions and backdrop of continuing uncertainty, 2021 remained a challenging time for clubs and members. Many volunteers have continued to work hard, from home as well as in the office, to adapt and innovate the way in which HASSRA Wales delivers for members and it's important that we recognise their achievements. HASSRA Festivals and some sporting events opened up in 2021 so the full array of awards is back. 

Nominations for awards don't have to be long or wordy. The nomination just needs to sum up how, in what way, the team or person being nominated meets the criteria for the award. 

 HASSRA Wales are inviting nominations in the following categories:

  • Best Large Club (150+ members) - Bibbings Cup
  • Best Small Club - Office Shield
  • Best Contributor  - Edgar Evans Trophy.   Awarded to an individual member who has contributed significantly to HASSRA Wales in a voluntary capacity 
  • Business Sponsor - Linda Badman Award.   Awarded to an individual Manager who has made a significant and positive impact by supporting HASSRA and encouraging participation 
  • Best Arts & Crafts Contributor
  • Best Sportsperson - Henry Ayabowei Award
  • Best Team  - Geoff Griffiths Award.   Awarded to the most sporting person or team in friendly competition
  • Best Footballer - Dai Prosser Award
  • Wellbeing Champion - Awarded to a team or individual that has made a significant contribution to promoting health and wellness and improving morale
  • Best Rugby Player - Gwyn Jones Memorial Trophy
  • Most Succesful Bowler - Ron Stephens Memorial Trophy

Club, Contributor/­Volunteer, Wellbeing and Sponsor awards (with the exception of Arts & Crafts Contributor) will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The nominee has made a significant and positive impact to the working lives of their HASSRA colleagues.
  • The nominee has introduced or supported new & innovative activities which are inclusive to all (including home workers) that resulted in benefitting members, boosting morale and/or promoting health and wellness.
  • The nominee has adapted their approach and utilised the enhanced use of technology for communication and marketing.
  • The nominee has continued to support and promote the National Programme whenever possible and encourage new members to join.
  • The nominee secured/­provided support from management and encouraged participation.
  • The nominee made effective use of HASSRA tools, grants and materials.

Best Arts & Crafts Contributor

This award is introduced to recognise members who readily participate in non-sporting activities, e.g. art, quizzes, drama, music, photography, baking, etc. (this list is not exhaustive). The judges will be looking at the following criteria from each submission:

  • Achievements during 2021 and at what level (local, regional, national)
  • The nominee can be nominated for contributions and achievements in a specific category and this should be clear from the first paragraph. If the nomination is seeking to recognise achievements in a number of different activities, this should also be clear from the outset, though it would be normal for there to be at least one activity that would take precedence over the others.

The winners of the HASSRA Wales Awards in each category will be considered for nomination at a National Award level.

Nominations should be submitted no later than Friday 18th February to the HASSRA Wales inbox at   HASSRA.WALES@DWP.GOV.UK