In your Garden (or yard) challenge

Can you land a toilet roll on a chair or table from 10 yards away?

So what is the challenge?

  1. Go into the garden (or the back yard) and place a chair or small table in the garden or yard. 
  2. Walk 10 paces away from the chair/table.
  3. From 10 paces away and facing the chair/table, kick a toilet roll so it lands on the chair or table (and stays there).

You can attempt this challenge as many times as you like. To enter, your succesful effort must be filmed and sent to hassrayorkshire@gmail.com by the end of July.

All succesful entries will be entered into a draw with 3 lucky winners of £50 each. By entering you agree for your video to be shared on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and our Website.

View the latest entries below