Linking of Local Office Clubs and Committee Members

The aim of this initiative is to:

  • Provide support by identifying and helping to address local club issues.
  • Identify gaps in communications and feedback between local clubs and the region.
  • Promote the sharing of new ideas and a fresh approach to the HASSRA programme at local and regional level.
  • Provide a framework for the completion of club support updates.
  • Assess and discuss the advantages/­disadvantages of formally linking smaller clubs with larger clubs for some (or all) local club activities.

Suggested process for taking forward:

  • Having regard to location, cost and shared interest, establish simple criteria to enable recommendations to be made about which local clubs(s) each committee member could be linked with. Full committee to endorse proposed list of linked committee members with clubs and agree sub-committee responsible for taking forward.
  • Regional Chair to write to local Chairs outlining proposal.
  • Individual committee members to write to linked local club office bearer(s) to agree frequency/­method of contact and complete club support update.
  • Linked committee member to feedback to appropriate sub-committee following first meeting/­discussion with local club.
  • Sub-committee to report back to full committee on local club reaction to support given and make recommendations on how and when to proceed on he linking of large/small clubs.
  • Linked committee members to maintain contact with their club(s) at least quarterly i.e. at minimum a telephone conversation with official(s).
  • Feedback from linked committee members included as a standing item on the agenda at regional meetings.
  • Review and evaluate after 12 months

Appendix 13 Local Club Support Update Letter       

Appendix 14 Local Club Support Update Proforma & Guidance 

Appendix 15 Local Club Support Update Follow-Up Action