List of Appendices

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Appendix 1 Discipline and Complaints Policy and Procedure

Appendix 2 Special Leave Guidance

Appendix 3 HASSRA Code of Conduct

Appendix 4 HASSRA Diversity and Inclusion Statement (inc. D&I Workplan and Checklist)

Appendix 5 Risk Assessment Template

Appendix 6 Risk Assessment Example​ 

Appendix 6a Covid-19 Risk Assessment Example

Appendix 7 The Three R’s

Appendix 8 Terms of Reference- Regional President

Appendix 9 Terms of Reference – Regional Chairperson

Appendix 10 Terms of Reference – Regional Committee

Appendix 11 Regional Event Schedule

Appendix 12 Regional Event Schedule Letter

Appendix 13 Local club support - Update letter

Appendix 14 Local club support update - proforma and guidance

Appendix 15 Local club support update – Follow up action

Appendix 16 Regional Committee - Agenda

Appendix 17 Regional Committee - Action Point Log

Appendix 18 Regional Committee - Outcome Notes

Appendix 19 AGM Advance Notice

Appendix 20 AGM – Committee invitation

Appendix 21 Regional committee prospectus

Appendix 22 AGM final notice

Appendix 23 Regional committee elections and motions

Appendix 24 AGM Invite – Retired Member

Appendix 25 AGM Notification – Senior Business Managers

Appendix 26 AGM Agenda

Appendix 27 AGM Brief - Chair

Appendix 28 AGM signing in sheet

Appendix 29 AGM voting slip

Appendix 30 Regional Awards - submission information

Appendix 31 Regional Awards - club diary report information

Appendix 32 Club Constitution

Appendix 33 Setting up a HASSRA Club

Appendix 34 Chairs Certificate

Appendix 35 Respon­sibi­lities of the Secretary

Appendix 36 Financial respon­sibi­lities of the Treasurer

Appendix 37 The respon­sibi­lities of the auditor

Appendix 38 Regional event checklist

Appendix 39 Regional event estimate

Appendix 40 Annual grant application

Appendix 41 Health and Safety Overview

Appendix 42 Circular Template

Appendix 43 Intranet submission template

Appendix 44 Regional event entries

Appendix 45 Pre payment form

Appendix 46 Regional event attendance register

Appendix 47 Knock Out draw

Appendix 48 Round Robin draw

Appendix 49 Expenditure voucher

Appendix 50 Wear and Tear stencil

Appendix 51 Feedback Questionnaire

Appendix 52 Inter Regional event estimate

Appendix 53 IR Organiser checklist

Appendix 54 IR Event Plan

Appendix 55 IR Pre event template

Appendix 56 IR Event competitor information

Appendix 57 HASSRA Photography participation information

Appendix 58 HASSRA 2

Appendix 59 Regional Attendance Spreadsheet 

Appendix 60 Commitment Record

Appendix 62 Signing In Sheet

Appendix 63 Insurance Information Record

Appendix 64 Quarterly Activity Report 

Appendix 65 Package Tour Regulations 

Appendix 66 Income voucher