Livelife Challenge - more info

HASSRA Livelife Challenge 2019

The HASSRA Livelife Challenge is still an activity challenge but only subscribing HASSRA members are eligible to take part.

Experience shows us that we all have a much higher chance of succeeding if we set ourselves realistic targets and work with others to achieve our goals. That is why HASSRA is continuing to encourage and support activity clubs in all our offices through the Livelife Challenge.

We want as many members as possible to join in, so before you apply find out how many members want to take part in your office.

We want you to welcome and encourage non-members to join HASSRA so they can get involved in this. And to help here are a few examples of possible challenges but you may have your own ideas.

·         Organised lunchtime walks, swimming, yoga classes or other exercise clubs.

·         Support for cycling or walking to work, with prizes awarded to those who cover the most “green” miles.

·         Step or cycle challenges to reach a goal e.g. the distance from Land’s End to John O’Groats

·         Form a sports team e.g. rounders, netball, badminton, tennis or football and either play in a league or for fun against colleagues

As an incentive, HASSRA will provide a start-up grant of between £50 and £150 (£50 for groups under 50 up to £150 for groups over 100) to every new Livelife Challenge club. This can be used to help buy exercise mats, pedometers, or whatever else supports your chosen format.

It makes sense to talk to local business managers and keep them informed of progress. Their support could make a real difference to the success of your venture, particularly where local facilities – such as an exercise space – may be needed.

Please also keep us informed of what you’re doing to share best practices and use your successes to inspire others to get involved. So please embrace this opportunity and encourage members in our workplaces to get active and be healthier and fitter in 2019.