Annual General Meeting

All members should be invited to attend the AGM. Club officials and deputies will be nominated and elected at this meeting. An annual statement of accounts should be prepared for formal presentation to the members. The AGM should be held no later than the beginning of March i.e. two months from the end of the financial year. Generally, the annual statement should comprise the following:

  • A Balance Sheet
  • An Income and Expenditure Account – or
  • A Receipts and Payments Account – or
  • Trading and Profit and Loss Accounts.
  • information on examples of accounts formats

Copies of the Agenda and audited financial statement shall also be forwarded to HASSRA not later than 14 days before the AGM.

At the AGM there shall be elected from the ordinary members of the Club a Management Committee, which shall consist of:

  • A President and Vice-President(s), (this is optional according to local conditions);
  • The Officers of the Committee, including in any case a Chairperson, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, provided that the Treasurer shall be a permanent officer of the Department; and
  • Up to 15 other members ( this can include deputies for the officers positions)
  • An auditor for the ensuing year shall be appointed at the AGM. A second auditor shall be nominated by the Business Unit Manager, Club Sponsor or in HQ an equivalent officer. Neither auditor may be a member of the Committee.

The Chair must appoint a minute taker, who will be responsible for recording all names of attendees and apologies, along with any decisions, queries and or action points. Minutes should be made available to all members of the club within 10 days of the meeting.

Special General Meetings

 A Special General Meeting of the Club shall be held whenever: -

  • an individual member submits a written request to the Club Secretary for such a meeting
  • the Management Committee determine that such a meeting is desirable or necessary
  • If the Sponsor or Chair feels an SGM is relevant, no less than 7 days’ notice must be given to all members.