News: Sports & Social Day, 10th June 2020 - Cancelled

(Item posted at 13:00 on Thursday 2nd April 2020)

To all our members.

In recent commu­­nica­­tions I have referred to the inevitable effect that Coronavirus is having on HASSRA activities. In keeping with Government edicts we have had to consider what we can still provide for you whilst taking a responsible attitude towards events involving groups of people.

One such event on the calendar is our annual Sports Day which was scheduled for June 10. The joint Sports Day Committees (London and South East) have given serious thought to this year’s event and come to the conclusion that there is little realistic chance of it going ahead and on that basis we feel it is better to pull the plug on it now rather than later. Whilst it may still be 2 months away, we feel it is better to let people know where they stand as many will already have requested leave of absence for the day and many more of you would be doing likewise in the weeks ahead. At the same time, the vast majority of Managers in our regions are very supportive of HASSRA and go out of their way to accommodate us and it is only right that we tell them now that we will not be seeking the release of staff this year. In these very difficult times I am sure they will welcome having every single person available to them.

For me, it is yet another disap­­po­­in­­tment following on from the abandonment of our respective AGMs. These are occasions that we all look forward to, the chance to meet up and share a few laughs in (usually) friendly rivalry! Never mind, these are exceptional times and there will be plenty more chances to make amends in the future.

The main thing now is to do your best to keep healthy and find other ways to keep in touch with your HASSRA colleagues.

We will keep you informed of all developments on the HASSRA front.

Paul Wyatt (Chairperson HASSRA South East) 

On behalf of HASSRA SE and London.