HASSRA Festivals 2022

We are looking for members to represent us at the HASSRA National Festival on Saturday 9th July at Warwick University.

We are looking for participants in the following events:


Give Us A Clue

Craft Workshop


Gym Triathlon


Table Tennis

Fitness Workshop

If you would like to be considered for one of these events, please sent in your details to hassra.london@dwp.gov.uk

As we may be over-subscribed to some events, please state all the events you wish to be considered for, in order of preference.

Please note that participants for the General Knowledge Quiz will be decided at the qualifier on 18th May. Participants for the Tennis will be decided at the Tennis Competition on HASSRA Day 22nd June. Participants in the Coarse Angling and 10-Pin Bowling will be nominated by our respective single activity clubs. Participants for the September festival will be invited shortly.

For more details on this years festivals, click HERE.