Managing Regional Benefits

The portfolio of benefits offered to members by HASSRA is one of the biggest draws to potential members. The National portfolio is monitored and delivered by the National team however all regions have benefits only available to members in their region.

Where a benefit is only going to be available to members in the region or is going to be subsidised by the region, it is responsible for negotiating and administering that benefit.

If members need to purchase tickets for a specific benefit, the tickets will be purchased, stored and distributed by the region. A clear audit trail will also need to be kept.

When a new benefit is secured it is important that a clear audit trail is kept of negotiations between the region and the provider and the region must be mindful of any terms and conditions they are committing to when signing any contracts.

All regional benefits should be communicated using all available channels to ensure all members are aware.

Fun and Free Competitions

As part of the regional benefits to members the regional BOM/COM may decide to run a number of Fun and Free competitions throughout the year. Responsibility for sourcing prizes and running the competitions rests with the region.

The National Team will manage the national membership benefits and run their own fun and free competitions. Information will be communicated to members using e-mail, shop newsletter and social media