NESLC Exercise Classes

 Body Blitz

On Tuesday at 8am we have a Body Blitz session which encompasses both cardi­ovas­cular and strength components within the class. This session would be suitable for all levels of fitness.

On a Tuesday at 12 noon there is a very high intensity class which is designed to push those of a higher fitness level, the class involves mainly cardi­ovas­cular work but there are some muscular strength/ endurance components included.

For information on our class timetable please contact Steve Harris on 07790 085104.

Boot Camp / Circuit Training

Thursday at 8am there is a Boot Camp session which probably needs no intro­duc­tion!

This as always is a very popular class because it is an all over body work out and is suitable for both beginners and experienced trainers.

Thursday 12 noon there is a traditional Circuit Training class which includes some cardi­ovas­cular work but is built mainly around work stations that stress various muscle groups including the abdominals. Again this session would be suitable for all fitness levels.

For information on our class timetable please contact Steve Harris on 07790 085104.


On Thursdays at 4pm it’s the latest sensation to hit the fitness world, which of course is Zumba!

Zumba is described as the all over dance party workout and is a fun way to burn calories and use muscles in a manner that traditional exercises classes could not.

This class is suitable for anybody of any fitness level because the exercise programme contains a fun element whilst at the same time burning calories.

Body Blitz and Boot Camp cost £3.00 per session.

Zumba is free. The only requirement to partake in any of the classes is that you are currently a member of either HASSRA or RCSL.

For further details contact your licensed Zumba instructor Tracey Middlemiss by email tracey.middlemiss@hmrc.gov.uk