Dealing with entries

Please contact your Regional Committee at least 3 months in advance of the event, if you require any specific equipment as it may have to be ordered if not available, stocks currently held require replacement or it is held by another region.

As details of competitors are received from regions they should be entered onto a spreadsheet, or word document if preferred, with amendments made as necessary. This information should be stored or saved in your “My Documents” folder. It must not be sent to your home address by email, nor stored at home, because to do so would contravene Departmental Security rules and the Data Protection Act.

Appendix 56 IR Event Competitor Information

At least three weeks before the event issue participants, preferably by email, with an InformationPack which should include:

  • Welcome Letter;
  • HASSRA Code of Conduct
  • Competition Details i.e. registration arrangements, venue, insurance, rules, kit/footwear requirements [if required], draw and timetable;
  • General Information i.e. directions, transport, expenses, accommodation and catering arrangements;
  • your contact details [preferably a mobile phone number]; and
  • any other information required e.g. dress code as necessary or guest arrangements.

If required your Regional Committee can provide a template to assist with producing this document.

It is good practice to arrange in advance for one or two people to take photographs and be “reporter” for the day so that the event can be publicised and thus encourage further interest. However, you should ensure that participants have no objections to being photographed or to the photo appearing on the HASSRA website or Headlines. The signing in sheet includes information on this to please ensure that you draw attention to this.

Prior to the event you will need to gather the following: 

  • completed risk assessment;
  • health & safety overview;
  • signing in sheet;
  • HASSRA Photography Participant Information;
  • contact details for officials;
  • rules;
  • draw; [Appendix 49]
  • timetable; 
  • equipment;
  • results template; [Appendix 48]
  • expenditure vouchers; [Appendix 51]
  • trophy[s];
  • wear & tear stencil[s]; [Appendix 52)
  • prizes.
Appendix 57 HASSRA Photography Participant Information