The event

Participants will normally arrive, at the hotel, during the afternoon on the day before the event and will be required to register. You should take this opportunity to ensure that everyone is aware of all arrangements for the duration of the event.  

At the event you should:

  • Arrive at the venue well before the designated start time to ensure that you can greet competitors.
  • Ensure you have your mobile phone available for officials to contact you should they be delayed.
  • Sign off H&S and Covid-19 risk assessments, and confirm that all arrangements are in place.
  • Explain the rules and be prepared to answer any questions.
  • Make any payments required, ensuring that expenditure vouchers are completed as appropriate.
  • Ensure that results are displayed and updated regularly.
  • If applicable, remind competitors of the arrangements for the evening.

Trophies and prizes are normally presented at the venue immediately following the event