Organising Regional Events

HASSRA Regional Associations run an annual programme of events. Activities may include Angling, Badminton, Bowls, Chess, Curling, Family Fun Days, Football, Golf, Putting, Quizzes, Photography, Pool, Snooker, Sports Days and Ten Pin Bowling. Responsibility for providing these opportunities for members lies with the Regional Committee and their team of organisers. Normally organisers have sole responsibility for their event but there may be circumstances where they will work as part of a team to deliver a large or complex event e.g. Sports/Family Fun Days.

The role of a Regional Organiser is to ensure that:

  • events are organised and run in accordance with HASSRA guidance;
  • the event meets the needs of the participants;
  • events are fully and appropriately publicised to all the regional membership;
  • there is a point of contact who will handle enquiries from members;
  • feedback is obtained and provided for the Regional Committee;  
  • Events are well attended, represent value for money, and so continue to be a worthwhile part of the regional programme.

For detailed guidance relating to timings and processes to follow please refer to the Regional Event Checklist.

Appendix 38 – Regional Event Checklist