Photography Competition 2022

£50 Love2shop for one winner in each category

£25 Love2shop for one runner-up in each category

£50 extra for the overall winner

There are six categories (see below). You can enter three photographs in each category but you can enter less if you wish – and if you’ve only got one photo to enter – send it in! 

All entries must be your own work.

Send your photos to Maggie using this link. Give your name, office and HASSRA Live membership number. Give each one of your photos a title and say which category you wish to enter each one in.

The cut-off is midnight, Sunday 13th February.

Terms & Conditions: Entries will only be accepted from HASSRA South East members. Only three entries for each category will be accepted and it must be your own work. Winners will be notified by email.


Sofa Work

Photos taken from your sofa! Fascinating items found in your living room? Or perhaps something you can see outside through the window? See what you can find to photograph from your chair.


Proof of time passing, Memorials, Items once used-now thrown away, antiques. Etc.

The Queen

Photograph something connected in some way to Queen Elizabeth II. Please give an explanation if it’s an obscure link (eg. a bottle of tomato ketchup – ‘By appointment to her majesty’)


Flying, feeding, in a cage, stuffed, as an ornament, origami, long as it’s a bird!

pc 5

Seasons Outside

Autumn leaves, Spring shoots, Christmas decorations - anything that’s seasonal and outside.


Hearts and flowers? Pics of Eros? You can use Photoshop on this one if you want to or even put together an appliqué picture and take a photo of it. Use your imagination.