Planning is key to running a successful event. The Regional Committee will agree, annually, a regional event schedule, see example below. To assist with this task you will be contacted in the autumn to confirm your proposals for the following year. The regional event schedule will take into account, where applicable, the timing of National Championships and Inter Association [IA] events.

Appendix 11 Regional Event Schedule

Appendix 39 Regional Event Estimate

Regional events should be scheduled at least 6 weeks prior to the National Championship or IA event. It is important that you consult the schedule before deciding when to propose running your event to ensure that it does not clash with another event DN: the majority of National and IA events will take place at one of the two annual HASSRA Festivals. Also, if it is a qualifier for the National Championships or IA event, allow sufficient time for members to arrange, where necessary, for time-off and travel arrangements to be made. It should be noted that you may still wish to run a regional event in a year where there is no National Championship.