Who am I? Answers


His first: A patron Saint – his second : With the Argonauts Answer: David Jason

2. An actor with a war-time foil

His first: a welcoming saint – his second: a place to cook - Michael Kitchen

3. An actor whose character lives in a statis­ti­cally dangerous place

His first: A gospel author – His second: stinging weeds - John Nettles

4. A businessman who founded a large-ish company

His first: A request for payment of expenses – His second: Multiple barriers to yards, gardens etc. - Bill Gates

5. An American actor and nephew

His first: he shares with Santa – His second: something for keeping birds in. - Nicholas Cage

6. An actor - boldly going where no-one has gone before

His first: forms a pattern that crosses – His second: a tree. Chris Pine

7. Author of book about a Dusky column

His first: the name of a feast – His second: a royal. Stephen King

8. A media personality with a famous ancestry

Her first: the city of romance – Her second: somewhere to stay. Paris Hilton

9. An actor – the elf that went to the Caribbean

His first: a place near Lake Buena Vista – His second: what roses do. Orlando Bloom

10. Leads over the pond -

His first: a famous duck – His second: the card that beats them all. Donald Trump

11. ‘Marmite’ rugby boss

His first: sounds like a whirlpool – His second: could be ‘Bridget’ Eddie Jones

12. Court champ

His first: Mrs Capp’s other half – His second: too good to hurry mint? Andy Murray

13. A legend at the tee

His first: A big cat – His second: where the bears live. Tiger Woods

14. Former girl band member

Her first: a bit uppity – Her second: ‘Old’ or ‘all’. Posh Spice

15. Porcine puppet

Her first: didn’t hit the target – Her second: bit of a slob? Miss Piggy

16. Royal exile

His first: the artist previously known as ….. His second: ‘Know what I mean Mr. Carpenter?’ Prince Harry

17. Cooks for Jules?

His first: son of Rednapp – His second: The Bart’s orphan - Jamie Oliver

18. Ex England footballer turned race horse trainer

His first: an amplified stick – His second: sounds like an Irish river - Mick Channon

19. Crime writer from Brighton

His first: always ‘blue’ for kids – His second: Ex-army mr. straight-talking singer - Peter James

20. Media loudmouth

His first: They’re all out at sea – His second: the captain’s rum? - Piers Morgan

HASSRA South East QUIZZES: How do we select the winners?

1.Following the closure date, all entries are scrutinised to check that the entrant has included his or her name, location and HASSRA Membership number as required in the rules of entry.

2. Any that do not comply are rejected.

3. The remaining "legitimate" entries are then checked for accuracy and any with wrong answer(s) are rejected.

4.All remaining correct entries are listed from 1 to however many correct entries there are e.g. 1 to 40 or whatever.

5. The numbers in the sequence are then written on slips of paper and placed in a bag like any raffle. They are then drawn by a second indipendent  person until all numbers are allocated. So, for example, the first number out may be 36 and that is allocated to No. 1 on the list, second number may be 11 and is allocated to No. 2 on the list and so on until all listed entries have a drawn number. Doing it this way ensures that all entries are entirely random.

6. A third independent person is then asked to randomly select 3 numbers from the range of numbers e.g. 1 to 40 using a random number generator. The first number selected is the winner, the next two the runners-up. The person naming the three numbers has no access to the random list of correct entries so does not know what number responds to an individual.