Regional and National Award Submissions

The many and varied contributions to the continuing success of HASSRA by our volunteers – regional committees, event organisers, local clubs, and individual members – are celebrated every year regionally and nationally.

Associations present regional awards either at their Annual General Meeting or, alternatively, at an Awards Dinner. National Awards are presented at the annual HASSRA Conference.

Criteria for the majority of regional awards reflect those of the national awards, as those who are successful regionally go forward for consideration by the National Awards Committee. There may be additional awards which are specific to a region.

Regions are responsible for:

  • gathering the necessary information to allow a decision to be made on regional winners; and
  • preparing regional submissions for national awards.

Regional Awards

The main categories of regional awards are:

  • Best Large Club – over 150 members
  • Best Small Club – under 150 members
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Business Sponsor of the Year
  • Sportsperson on the Year
  • Best Arts & Crafts Contributor
  • Best Single Activity Club
  • Wellbeing Award
  • Merit Award
  • Long Service Award (regional volunteers) optional

The information you require will be available from the following sources:

  • local clubs
  • the national team
  • regional event organisers and
  • the regional committee

In the last quarter of the year local clubs should be asked to provide a report of their activity throughout the year, which will provide the basis of their “Best Club” entry. Club chairs and secretaries should also be provided with awards criteria, a timetable for entries and a basic pro-forma to encourage completion.

The regional committee may wish to consider a submission in the Volunteer or Business Sponsor categories or perhaps a Merit Award from their regional volunteers.

The regional Awards Committee, or equivalent decision making body, should meet at least one month before the regional AGM. Award winners should then be notified of their success together with arrangements for the presentation issued i.e. invitation to attend the AGM or Awards Dinner.

National Major Awards

The National HASSRA team will issue detailed guidance on preparation of submissions, in November of the previous year. Regional submissions are normally required to be submitted by a date in March.

The National Award categories are:

  • Best [Large] Local Club                     First Vice President’s Cup
  • Best [Small] Local Club                     Sir Michael Partridge Trophy
  • Volunteer of the Year                        Rachel Lomax Trophy
  • Business Sponsor of the Year          Lesley Strathie Trophy
  • Sportsperson of the Year                  Terry Green Trophy
  • Best Arts & Crafts Contributor          Sir Leigh Lewis Trophy
  • Best Association                               President’s Cup
  • Best Single Activity Club                   Name to be announced
  • Wellbeing Award                              Sir Robert Devereux Trophy
  • Merit Award
  • Long Service Award (National volunteers)                

The winners of the equivalent regional awards are submitted to the National Awards Committee.

Following the National Awards committee’s decision, you will be informed if your Region has been successful in any of the above categories apart from Best Association and Volunteer of the Year. These are announced at the Awards Dinner.  You will then be requested to supply names of anyone wishing to attend National Conference and the Awards night to receive their trophy.  National will then send a link to the attendees’ survey, where they will be required to complete their accommodation and meal requirements. Attendees must complete the survey within a required timescale to enable the national team to supply the venue with the correct information.


Appendix 30 Regional Awards – award submission information

Appendix 31 Regional Awards -  club diary report example