Regional Committee Meetings

One month before the planned meeting write to committee members:

  • advising the date, venue and start/end times
  • asking for confirmation of attendance
  • requesting agenda items
  • asking them to provide an update on any outstanding Action Points; it is a good idea to re-issue the Action Point Log as a reminder.

B/F one week for responses.

At least two weeks before the meeting forward a draft agenda to the Regional Chairperson for agreement.  B/F for a response in two days and if no reply contact Chairperson.

Appendix 16 Regional Committee Agenda

One week before the meeting issue to all committee members, and any observers attending, copies of:

  • final Agenda
  • updated Action Point Log
  • minutes of previous meeting
  • any other papers submitted for discussion

Appendix 17 Regional Committee Action Point Log  

Appendix 18 Regional Committee Outcome Notes

It may also be necessary to:

  • discuss and confirm additional requirements with an invited speaker
  • provide the venue with a list of attendees
  • confirm catering arrangements

Within five days of the meeting you should send draft minutes to the Regional Chairperson for consideration and amendment if necessary. DN: It is suggested that outcome notes are prepared as opposed to full minutes. B/F for a response in two days and if no reply remind Chairperson.

Within ten days of the meeting issue the final version of the minutes with an updated Action Point Log to all committee members and observers.