It is recommended that every region will have a commu­nica­tion lead and a commu­nica­tion sub group within the regional BOM/COM.

It is recommended Regions agree a commu­nica­tion strategy. This will enable the sub-group to plan ahead and prepare in advance.

Included in the commu­nica­tion strategy regions should consider using the following:

  • Social media
  • Website
  • Newsletters
  • E-mail shots
  • Posters

The National HASSRA team will assist the commu­nica­tions by doing the following:

  • sending out national commu­nica­tions. These will typically be about membership benefits, national events and national compe­titions. These could be sent through the club network or via the on-line shop
  • providing the commu­nica­tions sub-group with an up to date regional contact list for clubs
  • updating the regional contact list after club AGMs and as and when changes are notified to the national team
  • providing on-line training materials for volunteers who update the DWP website
  • providing advice to regions as necessary and emergency support

Regional E-Mail Boxes

Each region should have its own email box, monitored by BOM/COM members. This can be used when organising events, trips or compe­titions. Regions will be able to monitor and respond to queries and store relevant information.

If the region receives an email in the regional box that relates to a national query, this should be forwarded to the national e-mail helpdesk. Any emails received by the national e-mail helpdesk that are about regional activities etc. will be forwarded to the regional box.