Regional Board of Management - Roles and Respon­sibi­lities

The regional Board/Committee of Management (BOM/COM) is made up of volunteers. The BOM/COM is made of the following:


The President is the figurehead of the regional association. They are appointed by the National Chairperson. He/she is responsible for:

  • providing support to the chairperson in resolving issues or disputes within the region
  • maintaining regular contact with the National Chairperson
  • acting as a key influencer within the region, encouraging managers across the businesses to support volunteers
  • promoting HASSRA and the contribution made by the Association to the health, wellbeing and motivation of staff


The regional Chairperson is usually appointed by the President. This provides a close link and good understanding between the business sponsor, the elected committee and volunteers. He/she is responsible for:

  • promoting national strategy and ensuring that regional aims, objectives and working practices are consistent with it
  • working proactively with their regional committee to achieve value for money and the best possible services and benefits for the members
  • ensuring the committee’s business runs smoothly and in accordance with the regional and national constitutions
  • producing a regional business and recruitment plan
  • all governance issues
  • working closely with the Regional Finance Manager (RFM) and, where appropriate the Regional Finance Sub-Committee, to ensure funds are administered appropriately


The regional chair will organise for the following tasks to be completed by regional volunteer/s:

  • arranging committee meetings (normally four per year) :
  • confirming suitable dates and times
  • booking venue/catering
  • informing the committee of the date and request agenda items
  • issuing agenda
  • attending meeting and take minutes
  • issuing minutes after meeting
  • assisting the committee and chair organizing events, offering advice and guidance where necessary


Appendix 16 - Draft agenda

Appendix 17 - Draft Action Point Log

Appendix 18 - Draft outcome notes/minutes