Set up a club

One of HASSRA’s great strengths is its local and activity club structure where volunteers stage events and activities with a real local flavour.

Organising these activities within the HASSRA club structure has several benefits, not least:

• The availability of funding from your appropriate HASSRA Regional Association.

• The provision of cover under HASSRA’s Third Party Public Liability Insurance policy.

• The fact that HASSRA is the recognised Sports & Leisure provider for DWP staff and sanctioned to fulfil this role by the Department.

• Affiliated clubs also benefit from support from their respective Regional Association as well as from National HASSRA.

To set up a HASSRA local or activity club, you’ll need a committee including a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer – importantly, you’ll also need a Club Constitution. Put simply, a constitution is a framework within which the club agrees to operate.

Get a copy of the HASSRA template for a local or activity Club Constitution.

Before agreeing the content of this template with members of your club, colleagues should first check with their relevant HASSRA region to ensure that no extra provisions are required. Any locally agreed constitution will also be subject to the approval of your HASSRA region.

Your HASSRA Region will also be able to offer other advice on setting up a new club and will be pleased to hear from you. Further information is also available in the Departmental Staff Clubs Guide (link available via the DWP Intranet only) or business area equivalent.