South East AGM 2021

 Virtual AGM meeting 25th March 2021

A list of the full attendees and apologies are available on request to HASSRA.SOUTHEAST@DWP.GOV.UK. We did, however, have 33 attendees and only 5 apologies. Paul Wyatt opened the meeting by thanking everyone for their efforts throughout a very difficult year.­ He acknowledged that the Minutes of last years AGM had been sent out with the AGM invite and requested them be proposed (Dave Philp) and seconded (by Julie Stirling).

Covid hijacked most plans for 2020/21. Sports day and the Festivals as well as most of the club activities were cancelled. It’s excellent news that September’s Festival is booked to happen. Dave Philp will update us as he hears more.

The finance documents were also included in the AGM invite. If anyone would to see copies of these documents please email HASSRA.SOUTHEAST@DWP.GOV.UK. Keith confirmed that due to covid and income interrupts National had requested a contribution towards their draws and compe­titions. South East were asked to contribute £3.5K but actually gave £5K to support the causes going forwards into 2021.

Paul proudly announced that the region had paid out £13.5K in prizes during lockdown. We bought PPE masks for everyone (Dave Philp arranged this) and  new kit was purchased for when the sports do start again (again our thanks go to Dave Philp). 

Amendments to Constitution – None were received

Appointments to the Board

Our President of SE remains as Kevin Payne (appointed)

Chairman – Paul Wyatt (appointed)

Deputy Chairman & Treasurer – Keith Waters (appointed)

Secretary – Tracy Champion (appointed)

Secretary for Retired members – Andy Bashford (appointed)

Editor & Comms – Maggie Smith (appointed)

Life Vice President – Ray Allen

Branch Office Members (BOM) – Committee

Unfor­tunately Leon Lingard-Lane has stood down for this year. We hope to welcome him back as soon as he is able to rejoin us. We welcomed back Di Neale. Dave Philp, Sarah Palmer, Marie McCormick, Jo Slegg, Amanda Church, Julie Stirling, Matt Sewell.­ Paul was delighted to go forward with them on the Board.­ No new membership requests were received but Paul welcomed anyone wanting to come and join a meeting to see what was/is involved.

No new items were raised for discussion.

Tracy C mentioned that Julie Allen had requested a session on ‘Running a club’ AND the ‘HASSRA Live intro’ to assist new chair­persons/­committee members. It was agreed that Tracy would update a previous powerpoint and arrange a date. Jo Slegg (and possibly Matt Sewell agreed to assist if required).

Paul asked for feedback on a system of allocating a BOM member as a SPOC (special point of contact) to certain offices, dividing up the region so that they could support queries, join meetings etc. AGREED BY MAJORITY. Paul will look in allocating BOM and linking them to a few offices each.


By Jo Slegg (each winner wins £50 for their office funds)

3 races held – 1st race win – Chatham

2nd race win – Ashford

3rd race win – Margate

Festival update – 10th – 12th September

Events available Golf, Badminton, Darts, Men’s 5 a-side, Tennis, Chess plus a few more. Details of events will be released as and when they are confirmed. Details of how to participate will also follow. There may be some qualifiers for events but most will probably be by Expressions of interest (EOI).

April Challenge – 1st – 31st April.

Walking challenge confirmed by Andy Bashford. Competitors can still register up to April 15th and offices may qualify for a donation to their annual charity. The Cross Country event had 16/17 entrants and lots of prizes were won.

Jo Slegg asked everyone ‘What went well for clubs over lockdown?' Events? Fundraising? Responses included:  Bingo, Horse racing, Draws, Snowball (£10 paid into account to cover 10 draws at £1 per week), collection tins in work for charity donations, Foodbank collections, Christmas donations instead of cards. Some had set up Paypal, Just Giving pages for donations. Julie S also added that doing free raffles or draws didn’t need any money collections.

Donna from Southampton advised of one member raising a complaint/­challenge to Head office regarding using Hassra funds for non-members. She just wanted everyone to be aware of the need to restrict some events/­activities to members only. Many clubs were also struggling to arrange On-Line banking so it was advised to try and get this sorted when opening the account.

AWARDS for 2020

Full details of the award winners, prizes allocated and any write-ups are available. Please Click here if required. 


Julie has booked Stratford-Upon-Avon for 4/12/21. Details to follow in later Newsletters. Maggie requested that clubs shared their stories, activities, ideas and photos please.

Final Duck race was won by – Newport IOW!!

Paul thanked everyone for their time.