April Challenge Report

The idea was to encourage members and family/­friends to get out in the fresh air and take advantage of the warmer weather. I guess the coldest April for many years was not a great incentive but 35 members and 17 ‘guests’ did get out there...and were at least partially rewarded with the driest April for a very long time!

It was a good turnout with some very worthy efforts, some 9,737.7Kms completed and 11 local charities around the South East will surely appreciate what we did.

Spurred on by the GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE targets we had some great achievements over the month – with ten achieving Gold. Over 300Kms in 31 days is excellent by any standard and when we take into account that three of those Gold achievers were under the age of 16 it becomes even more incredible. Well done to you all – with particular note to 15-year-old Harry from Folkestone who actually outdid everyone, including sister Eleanor & mum Paula, with a staggering (well I certainly would have been after that effort!) 363Kms. Also in the under-16 Gold category were Tabitha (12) from Chatham with 235Kms and 5-year-old Ted (Hastings JC) who in doing 158Kms not only achieved his much wanted Gold but also outdid his Nan, many time SE Cross-Country Champion Steph Miller.

As one of the 13 Silver achievers I do know how hard it is to keep averaging nearly 7Km per day so again, well done to you all

No less impressive are the 23 Bronze achievers, who included our 4th under 16-year-old, Oliver from Folkestone

There were a few who, for a variety of reasons, were not quite able to reach the Bronze distance but still an achievement and will all help to boost the amounts going to those local charities

A special mention to a couple of clubs who really embraced this challenge….­Folkestone galvanised 17 members & guests to get out there and managed a total of 3,395.2Kms – the equivalent of travelling from Folkestone to way beyond Moscow, more than halfway down Africa or most of the way across Australia (my personal favourite, if you are thinking of doing any of these Folkestone??)

Hastings JC also deserve a mention (well I would be in trouble if I didn’t!) for their 12 entries and 1813Kms achieved (no idea where that would get us from Hastings…but as I will be in Australia with Folkestone it doesn’t really matter!)

The final figures that will be sent to your clubs to donate to charity are below. We are preparing the Certificates and they will be on their way to you soon, by email

So a huge thank you to everyone who took part and I hope it has got a few more of us out there doing a bit more to help keep fit & well, particularly in these challenging times

As things start to improve we will give some thought to another Challenge later in the year – so watch this space and start gathering interest within your clubs


CHARITY amounts (to be sent to individual clubs)

Folkestone £350

Hastings JC £200

Southampton £110

Chatham £100

Worthing £80

Brighton £70

Tonbridge £60

Dover JC £50

Dover BC £50

Hastings Ash £50

Gatwick D £50