At the National Awards

Julie, Di, Peter Schofield and Neil at the awards.

We had a really good time at the awards. The food was fab and the wine flowed.

We were wondering why Peter Schofield (permanent secretary for the DWP) had been placed on our table. When he stood and announced that we had won ‘Best Region’ we were all stunned and just stared at him until he said ‘Well, come and get your award then South East’!

It felt great to be up there and collecting the award for our region. We had all worked so hard for our members and it was great that our efforts had been recognised and it confirmed that we are all doing it right.

After that the wine flowed a bit faster and we all danced the night away. A great time was had by all.

Peter Schofield is a really fun guy and he seemed really pleased for us to win the award. - Di


It was a really good evening- lots of lovely food and wine and disco at the end. Win was fantastic, and lovely having Peter on our table as he really joined in with the South-East celebrations and name-checked us multiple times in his speech! - Neil