A message from the South East Chair

pauls pic2I’m writing this just a few hours before 2020 comes to an end, an “annus horribilis” as her Maj would say - and which I though was Latin for a bad case of piles until she clarified the matter.

In two days’ time I will mark the 54th anniversary of my joining HASSRA. Seems like only yesterday I signed two pieces of paper in the tea room of the Bayswater office, not really knowing what either was but duly to be told that I was now officially a HASSRA and Trade Union member. In all those 54 years I have experienced nothing like the past 12 months as far as HASSRA is concerned and there has been plenty of ups and downs believe me! For me, HASSRA is all about people and the last 12 months have robbed me of the many oppor­tuni­ties I would normally get to meet friends old and new, have a laugh with them, have the pleasure of handing over some well- deserved awards and just stand and watch people enjoying themselves. But at the same time, many of our members at both Club and Regional level have gone out of their way to cheer colleagues up, bring a bit of fun into the offices and try to make bad times a little better. We owe those people a big thank-you and without embarrassing you by naming you, you know who you are and so do your colleagues and we are indebted to you for your selfless efforts through these difficult times.

We can but hope for a much better time in 2021. At 73, I’m in the Division 4 queue for the jab and I’m ready and waiting with my trousers at half- mast – though the wife has now advised me that you get it in the arm.

So stay with us friends and be assured that there will be a better time ahead. We need you more than ever and are ready to try out anything you want us to do – within reason and the law – so please get in touch with Maggie or myself if anything springs to mind.

It will soon be wine o’ clock so I’d better get myself ready for action. I wish every one of you a safe, healthy and happy New Year and can’t wait to see you all again.

Iechyd dda.

Paul W.