CPR kit

Just over two years ago the South East HASSRA regional committee agreed the purchase of a call / push / rescue kit to promote CPR (cardi­opul­monary resuscitation) amongst our membership.

The kit is made up of ten mini ‘Annie’ resussatation dummies, kneeling mats, manikin wipes, spare ‘faces and lungs’ a hand pump and DVD’s.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we have been unable to advertise and promote the CPR kit until the HASSRA South East AGM on 16th March this year where Sarah bought along two of the mini ‘Annie’s’ (named Ant and Dec!) and gave a brief talk and demonstration.

The aim of the kit is to teach everyone CPR and the kit is available to all HASSRA South East clubs to run events. We may not be able to send out the full kit because of logistics however we will be able to send the mini Annie’s out for presentations and demonstrations for our members to learn (or refresh their knowledge) how to perform CPR. Instructions on how to use the kit and dummies is available (via DWP computers) on YouTube.

Click here for How to use your Call Push Rescue training kit | BHF

Click here to contact Sarah for more information.