HASSRA websites explained

You are now on the HASSRA South East Website! But did you know there are actually 13 different HASSRA websites?

Twelve of the sites are run by the twelve Regions across the country. The other one is HASSRA Live and is run by National HASSRA.

HASSRA South East

The Regional sites like HASSRA South East do not require a password and our own site can be accessed simply by typing WWW.hassra.org.uk­/south-east into your Internet address line. You can also access it via HASSRA Live on their ‘Regions’ page where you will find links to the other eleven HASSRA websites, all openly accessible. Or you can simply put "HASSRA South East" into your search engine (Google, Bing etc.) to find our address.

Of course, if you’ve come here directly from the August Newsletter you will realise it is also accessible by link – all HASSRA South East Newsletters have a link to the HASSRA South East site on the top of the page.

Once on the site, you will find links to all the South East pages down the left hand side of every page. The links entitled ‘News’, ‘Events’ and ‘Competitions’ will take you to the HASSRA Live site and you will be asked to input your password to progress but all the others will be open to view without passwords.

Once you are on one of the HASSRA South East pages you can return to the HASSRA South East Home page by clicking on the words ‘South East’ above the title in the middle of the page (it reads ‘Regions / South East’).

On the HASSRA South East site we have competitions, quizzes, bingo etc., but these are exclusively for HASSRA South East members. We also have pages with reports and articles on HASSRA South East events both local and regional and we’re always pleased to receive items from our South East members to go on the site. So, if you have anything HASSRA South East please send it on to me at:


But remember, the HASSRA South East website is open to everyone on the Internet to view so please make sure everyone mentioned in the article, or pictured in any photos sent, are aware of this!

Any urgent messages for South East members go in the coloured box on the Home page; the colour of the box will change every time there is a new message.


The HASSRA Live Logo: 

The HASSRA Live home page looks something like this:

To look though the pages of HASSRA Live you first have to enter your email address and a password. BE AWARE – once you log into HASSRA Live it will put the HASSRA South East logo on the top left hand corner, but you will still be in HASSRA Live.

Lockdown puzzles, Promotions across the country like Chessington Zoo, The London Eye and cinema tickets and everything else mentioned in the HASSRA emails that you get with the HASSRA Live logo (shown above) heading are found on the HASSRA Live site. National competitions are open to all HASSRA members over the country.