The Great South East HASSRA Horse Race

The Runners and the Odds

(All Horses shown at bottom of page)

Thank you to everyone who has joined in the Great HASSRA South East Horse Race, we hope you will enjoy it.

We had a good mix of original monikers for our Gee-Gee’s. Only a handful had to be sent back for exceeding the fifteen character limit and – thank you – there were none offered that could be construed as offensive, although I did notice a couple a horse names I didn’t quite understand!

Some ‘owners’ hoped to nudge their horses on to the finish line by giving them positive names - ‘Andthe­win­neris’, ‘Winner­byde­fault’ and ‘­Whatawinner’ but then again, others used the negative approach - ‘Disqu­ali­fied’, ‘Bummerdog’ and ‘Dobbin’. And Flymo – was the owner a gardener or a Liverpool fan?

And as to the colours of the horses, well, when I suggested that you could colour your horse whatever you wanted I expected to get back a rainbow of colours. I did get a handful of blue horses and the odd pink, red and yellow one’s, and I was even asked for a ‘Golden brown’ (no, there’ll be no drugging of horses in this race, thank you) but the most popular colour was grey. A sign of the times? Are we all feeling a bit grey now? I gather there is a book out there advocating that there are at least fifty shades of grey but I’m not convinced. I tried to make them all different greys but I can't say that I’ve succeeded, sorry.

There are also ‘owners’ out there that I suspect have had more to do with real horses than our virtual nags. There were dark bay and chestnuts requested and also a grey brindle. A brindle, in real life, is a rare and beautiful thoroughbred horse (I know this because I looked it up) but I’m afraid that, in the virtual equestrian world, it goes under the same category as poker dots and stripes and is a ‘no-no’. So, sorry, but it became just another one of those fifty shades. And asking for the silks to be in the pattern of a Turkish matt on the self-same horse?! I picked the main colour of the prettiest matt I could find online and used that.

You will find the runners shown below in alphabetical order. And the odds? Well, there are 112 runners so everyone will start the race with a one in 112 chance of coming in first.

Good luck everyone!

No virtual horses will be injured during this event