Virtual Sports Day at Hove

Here at Hove Jobcentre, we were very sad to miss out on the HASSRA sports day again this year, so we decided to have a virtual one! We had a great time on ‘teams’, playing games such as teabag darts and quiz petanque.­  As you can see from the photos, we also had a dressing up round and a raffle. No silent disco, though, must to people’s disap­po­in­tment! It was also a way of promoting HASSRA to new colleagues, with members writing on the team chat, reasons why they love HASSRA.­  Hopefully 2022 will be the best HASSRA sports Day yet and normal times are ahead of us.

Kind regards Cath BHLN HASSRA committee


Entrants were randomly split into teams on 'Teams!' 10 minutes was allowed for entrants to get into fancy dress and discuss who will represent each team when we reconvene as a whole office.

The rounds were:

Round 1-Fancy dress. 

Equipment: Grab a wig, funny glasses etc. 

The team with the most in fancy dress/­headwear, wins the round.

Round 2-Quiz Petanque. 

Equipment: Paper and marker/­normal pen

Veterans for this game are Dee, Tan and Matt!

Nominate one person in your team to play.

It will be a “we asked 100 people…” style question and they will write down their number answer and hold it up on camera. Closest answer to the target, wins the round. 

Round 3-Teabag darts. 

Equipment: Mug and tea bags

Nominate one person in your team who has a good aim and is technical enough to set up their camera to show their mug! Throw 3 teabags into a mug from 2 metres away.  Person with the most success wins. 

Round 4-“Higher or Lower” Jump. 

Equipment: Maybe pen and paper would be helpful!

Nominate one person in your team to play. I will hold numbered cards from 2-10, guess higher or lower.  The more you get right the further you jump! You are allowed a false start or two! The furthest wins the round for the team.

HASSRA Members Raffle

There are lots of great benefits to being a HASSRA member.­  Great on line compe­titions, a lottery, discounts on day out.  Local events, such as bowling to name a few.

HASSRA Hove then went on to ask their members for a couple of words to sum up why HASSRA is brilliant. All answers entered into a raffle!