New Instructions for treasurers

Once the accounts have been successfully audited and signed off, instead of sending the accounts to the HASSRA treasurer on an email they now need to be uploaded to the HASSRA Live system.

Below are the steps to take for uploading the accounts onto HASSRA Live:

  • First sign in as normal to your HASSRA Live account on the HASSRA website www.­hassra.­org.­uk

  • Next visit your ‘My Profile’ page.

  • Scroll down the page to the category ‘Volunteering’. This should show that you are a Treasurer (if it doesn't show you as treasurer you can update your account at this point. This will then go forward as an enquiry to the National Team to be authorised. Once authorised you will receive an email to say that your account has been updated and you will then be able to continue updating your club accounts).

  • You will see a link that says ‘Club Accounts’ click on this link.

  • You then need to use the drop down arrows to select the correct ‘Year-Ending’

  • Next, populate the ‘Dates accounts submitted’ box

  • Then, using ‘Choose File’ you will be able to attach the copy of your Club Accounts.

  • Once you have done all of this simply click on the ‘Submit for Approval’ button.

The accounts will be saved to HASSRA Live and I will then be able to view them from there and complete my checks as normal. If they are all in order, I will accept them via HASSRA Live and the Club Treasurer will receive an email confirming this. If I have to reject them for any reason they will receive an email via HASSRA Live advising why the accounts have been rejected and the appropriate action to take next.

There is no need to send a hard copy to me

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need too.

Kevin McClorry

All Treasurers should have received an email about this in January. This may have been sent to their personal email address if they use this to log into their HASSRA Live Account and, if they do not appear to have received it, may have gone into their junk/spam box.