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We’ve decided to publish the ‘SEView Bulletin’ directly on the South East website and, for the time being at least, there will no longer be a separate file to access. This way we’ll be able to update with all new items and ideas as they come in from our clubs around the South East region!

Contributors Note: Be aware that, as the ‘SEView Online’ is now posted directly on the HASSRA South East web site, it will be accessible via the Internet as well as the Intranet. The South East site, unlike the National site ‘HASSRA Live’ is not protected by password and is open to the public. Please ensure that when you send in your articles/­reports that all the people you mention by name or who appear in the photographs you have forwarded are aware of this!

A word from our Chair...

So despite my battle over many years to keep things as they were - first we had good old paper copies, then an on-line quarterly effort - we now have a brand new on-line, bang up to date, as-you-go version of SEView and I have to admit - somewhat reluctantly - that it does make sense so I concede!

I am amazed and heartened by the fact that despite the current plague and all the restrictions it brings, so many Clubs are still managing to keep spirits up by doing all sorts of things locally. You'll see what I mean in this edition. The individuals making all the effort for the benefit of their colleagues deserve a massive thank you from us all. 

There again, the old saying that "things could be worse" certainly applies in my case; I could be stuck in lock-down Wales, barred from venturing out and every sort of social gathering so I'm just thankful for small mercies.

Keep going folks and stay safe.

Paul W.

Latest ideas and events in the South East offices


The National Lockdown grants were a great idea and HASSRA South East were happy to take full advantage of their generosity in many different ways.

Sittin­gbo­urne made use of three of the monthly grants starting with a free raffle in June that was open to all members of staff, both in the office and working from home. The prizes included bottles of spirits, wine, chocolates and toiletries.

July saw them handing out Goody bags, containing food and drinks, again distributed to all staff. And in August Sarah organised a 5-day telephone quiz with a £20 prize each day which rolled over if no winner came through that day. Three lucky winners won between £20 and £60 each!

And, instead of just collecting money for charity this year, Sittin­gbo­urne has also collected food; tins, dry goods etc. for the Swale Food bank for distribution to the local residents in need. Their last collection contained over £50 worth of food.

Well done Sittin­gbo­urne!


Southampton are currently raising money for their local Hospice, Mountbatten Hampshire, through the £50 challenge; they try to raise as much money as possible and last year they raised in excess of £1800! It’s obviously more difficult this year but we will let you know the final total.

The husband of one of Southampton’­s members, Ravinder, completed the Virtual London Marathon on 4th October. He was sponsored by staff to raise even more funds towards the Mountbatten Hampshire Hospice. He is collecting money through ‘Just Giving’ and is well on the way to his final total of £750!

Both Christmas and Halloween face masks are being sold in the Southampton office to help with the funds – we look forward to seeing some of these creations!


With their latest grant Chatham got a mobile fish and chip van round and gave their members a fantastic ‘lunch’! With their previous two grants in June and July they had free raffles for all which included vouchers and alcohol. In the July raffle the £100 prize was won by a homeworker!

They are also about to have their second quiz with a £20 prize


Fitbits Challenge

With the business case submitted and accepted, the HASSRA SE peeps agreed to a £130 fund to purchase a Fitbit Charge 4 for the prize in our Fitbit competition for Worthing and Little­hampton HASSRA.

The idea was to raise awareness of simple exercises that people would be able to do in their own homes, that were quick, easy and may just get you gently out of breath. A sort of ‘starter for 10’ in getting people thinking about fitness on a basic level.

The exercises were: a 30 second plank, to balance on one leg for 30 secs without touching the floor with one foot, holding a tin of beans (or anything 500g or more) with arms stretched out parallel to the floor for one minute, 20 star jumps, 5 press ups or knee press ups, 20 mountain climbers and 10 touch the floor with your fingertips then stand and jump up with both feet leaving the floor (yes, you were allowed to bend your knees).

In general, it took people about 5-6 minutes and did indeed get most people slightly out of breath. We had entries from both the office and home based workers, covered 2 Jobcentres (Worthing & Little­hampton), ages ranging from 33 to 73 (that I know of) and a colleague with a disability.

24 people completed all the tasks and were entered into the draw with the winner being confirmed as James.

A big thank you to Clint who organised this for us and to all those who took part.

If you have any similar ideas to take up for your HASSRA club remember you can submit a business case to HASSRA.SOUTHEAST@DWP.GOV.UK

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