Photography Competition

£50 for the winner of each category plus another £25 for the overal winner. £25 for the runner-up in each category

runnerWe will accept three entries from each category but, if you’ve only got one photo to enter - send it in!

Send your photos to Maggie Carolinecrescent@hotmail.co.uk giving your name, office and HASSRA Live membership number. Title your photos and remember to mention which category you wish to enter them in. Cut-off  is midnight, Sunday 14th February.

Terms & Conditions: Entries will only be accepted from HASSRA South East members. Three entries for each category  will be accepted; your own work only. Winners will be notified by email. Prizes will be paid by BACS and winners will be asked to provide their bank account details to facilitate this. This request will only come via a HASSRA or DWP email address .We no longer issue cheques and this the only way we can pay you. 



Your pet. Someone else’s pet. A dog being walked in the park. A cat following it’s owner. Mice, guinea pigs, goldfish - even a spider that’s been on the ceiling so long you’ve given it a name!

Seen on a local walk

Local streets, the country-side, something odd, exciting, ugly, beautiful or fascinating that you’ve taken a shot of.


Photo something that brings back a memory – swings in a park, a football game, the church you married in.


Bikes, buses, trains, planes and auto mobiles! Any condition, any size (toy trike's?).


Funny ‘Ha-ha’ or Funny peculiar. Things that look odd or laughable!


A building of interest. Or just part of a building. Taken from a strange angle perhaps?