Photography Competition

First Prize in each category - £50 Love2Shop vouchers!

Second Prize in each category - £25  Love2Shop vouchers!

Overal Winner - A Further £50 Love2Shop vouchers giving a total prize of £100 Love2Shop vouchers !

You can enter up to three photos per category (18 in total). Give each photo a title and say which category it's for and, if you could rename the actual photo in the format 'category - title' (e.g. 'Pop - Daisies'), that would be much appreciated.

Email them to Maggie (click on name for email address) including your name, office and HASSRA Live number by Friday, July  9th.


A flower or a tree, a flowerpot or a forest – we want photos of plants of every sort, either close up or landscape.


Just make sure that the person that you (socially-distance) photograph know their photo will go on the HASSRA Flckr page!

Before Lockdown

What do you look forward to getting back to – Sports?, Get togethers? Days Out? Dig through your pre-lockdown photos and find memories of what you used to do and will soon do again!


A sunrise or a sunset. A raging storm or just a simple ray of sunshine. The sky has a multitude of colours - send us your best shots.

‘Pop Art’ (Almost)

Using something out of a photo that you’ve taken yourself, turn it into a piece of ‘art’. You can use a digital program or copy your photo and paint it as a ‘Pop’ picture - use your imagination!

UK wildlife

What do you see on your w alks or in your garden? Birds, animals, insects...?