The Duck Hunt


There are:

Five £50 Love2shop vouchers

Ten £25 Love2shop vouchers

To be won

Plus one extra £50 Love2shop voucher for finding what out what 'The Black Duck Says'

There are ducks hiding around the pages of the HASSRA South East website and Love2shop vouchers to be won if you can find them all!

There are ten ducks out there, each one a different colour. They are all on different pages on the HASSRA South East website (not HASSRA Live) and you will find them by using the picture tiles on the homepage and the links listed on the left-hand side of all the pages - and don't forget to look there carefully! Find all the ducks and take note of the title on the top of the page that you found them on. Then sign into the HASSRA Live ‘Win!’ page and complete the ‘Duck Hunt’ competition there.

We’ll give you the first answer for free!  - The purple duck is on ‘The Duck Hunt’ page  

£50 Love2shop voucher Extra prize!

'The black Duck says'

Find out what the Black Duck says and email it to me, Maggie, via carolinecrescent@hotmail.co.uk, putting 'The black Duck says' in the subject box.

Rules: In order to join in with the 'Black Duck Says' competition you must first compete in the 'Duck Hunt' itself. If there are more than the required correct entries in the 'Duck Hunt' or the 'Black Duck Says', winners will be selected by random. The judges decision is final.