The Benefits of Volunteering

What does HASSRA gain from YOU?

  • Talent, Experience & Skills to help achieve the goal of providing a varied, inclusive programme of sports and social activities for ALL members;
  • Assistance in providing a varied and inclusive sports/social programme; and
  • Best Use of available resources.

What do YOU gain from HASSRA?

  • An opportunity to develop and demonstrate IT, communication and organisational skills, and gain new skills;
  • The benefits of working as part of a team;
  • The opportunity to make new contacts – both social and work based – and to be a positive influence on HASSRA and your employer;
  • Participation in sport and social activities you enjoy;
  • Personal satisfaction: delivering a successful event and providing an excellent service;
  • Reward & Recognition at a Regional and National level;
  • Development Scheme sponsorship for training or to develop your skills; and
  • Personal feedback for appraisal purposes and something to add to your CV!